Walk for Remembrance 2014

All are welcome!

Kindly RSVP by September 22, 2014 at:  http://www.punchbowl.com/parties/ae81b580fb81eb95b49b



Angle of Hope Planned to be erected at Pinkerton Park

photo 5-2Here’s the latest news on our Angel of Hope statue:

- We did not receive full grant monies for The Angel of Hope statue from MTSU.
- We have decided to press on in hope and keep the momentum of this project going – for we truly believe it will bring healing and hope in our community.
- John Watts, artist and professor at O’Moore College of Design, has completed the maquette of our Angel of Hope.
- We are now in the process of submitting our formal request to Williamson County Park for space approval at Pinkerton Park. Once this is approved, we will create a fundraising campaign. Stay tuned.

- A grass-root effort to raise money for the statue is underway at:

- Please sign and share the petition to bring the Angel of Hope statue to Pinkerton at:  http://chn.ge/1hvejbp

Thank you for supporting our vision and helping us make this sacred space a reality. Your support speaks loudly and brakes the silence and isolation that a parent feels after losing a child. Thank you for being aware of this need and taking an active stand.

In Hope,
Susan Charest
Chair, Board Member



Tri-Star Centennial Hospital hosts SHARING’s 9th Annual Candlelight Ceremony


Dance in My Dreams Song to benefit National Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Here is a song (click hyperlink) :  DANCE IN MY DREAMS  that has been dedicated to all those families that have an angel baby.

All proceeds from ITunes will benefit our national organization:                                              National Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss, Inc.

Support Meetings At Tri-Star Centennial Hospital – Holiday Schedule.

Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 7:00 P.M.   Our topic will be:  Understanding Grief

Thursday, November 28, 2013  - NO MEETINGS, Thanksgiving

Thursday, December 12th, 2013 at 7:00 P.M.  Candlelight Cermony Event Hosted by Tri-Star Centennial Hospital.  This event is beautifully orchestrated where each baby’s name is announced, and a candle is lit.  The night ends in tradition with a special personalized ornament gifted to the parents. This will be held in the banquet hall with a dinner buffet provided.  More information on event/registration will be posted soon.

Thursday, December 26th:  - NO MEETING, Christmas.

Our normal schedule resumes – The second Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. and the fourth Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m.   All meetings are at Tri-Star Centennial Women’s Hospital on the first floor, board room.  Look for “SHARING” signs posted at the hospital.

A Walk for Remembrance & Hope Event, October 5, 2013


October 5, 2013 – 180 families and friends gathered at Pinkerton Park to remember and honor beloved babies that have passed away before their first birthday.  During the event music, poetry, and baked goods were shared around a picnic table on a cool autumn day.  In closing the event, the Sharing community formed a circle and released a balloon when each baby’s name was read aloud.  A special thanks to the Blair’s West band, Girl Scout Troop of Williamson County, Starbucks located in Cool Springs, Trader Joe’s, Your Williamson Magazine and the community of bakers and crafters that made the day so lovely.

Most of all, thank you to each of you that attended this event.  This event is not whole unless each of you were there to gather with us and be one witness of the unique love that is carried in our hearts.  This love is forever.  You are an amazing parent and we are thankful to be in community with each of you.






A Walk to Remember, October 5th @ Pinkerton Park


You can register by sending an email to: info@sharingmiddletn.org with the needed information below.  In order for your baby’s memorial message to be printed in the program, we need all registrations returned by: September 24th. Suggested Donation for this event: $20 per person / $35 per family. This year we will provide a commemorative T-Shirt with every donation. ($20/one Commemorative T-Shirt, $35/ two Commemorative T-shirts). There will be additional T-shirts available for purchase. All Donations (please cash or check only) will be collected at the Registration table on the day of the walk. 

Registration Information Needed:
·         Family Name:   
·         Telephone Number: 
·         Mailing Address:  
.         Size of Adult T-Shirt(s) S/M/L/XL:   
·         Total Number of Walkers: 
·         Baby/Babies Full Names: 
·         Baby/Babies Date of Birth: 
·         Baby/Babies Date of Death: 
·         Memorial Message (limit to 30 words or less, per child): 

Lastly, we are asking for your help in collecting beautiful poetry for this event.  If you have written a poem, or have read a poem that have touched your heart – please email it to us.  We would love to include it in this event, or in future events.  We need all poetry submissions by 9/24/13.  We’ll get in touch with you if it’s included.

We hope that all of you come to this special event as we remember our precious children.


Grief Writing Workshop held throughout the year.


Writing has been very therapeutic for me during times of loss.  Words are able to give names to raw feelings and the spaces in between the words allow for contemplation.  For in contemplation, I’m able to find new words of light and truth.  I find healing.

This workshop is free, and offered to those families that have experienced a loss of a child (less than one year of age).  It will be instructed by Susan Charest, on behalf of SHARING  of Middle Tennessee.

This will be a safe setting where we’ll discuss our grief, and journal on specific writing prompts.  You don’t need to be a poet or writer and we’ll provide the journal and pen.  We simply would love for you to gather with us in community.

Grief Writing Workshops are offered through the year, please refer to our support calendar.  

Registration is needed – please register by sending an email, letting us know how many will attend to:  



TriStar Centennial Women’s & Children’s Hospital address:

2221 Murphy Ave, Nashville, TN 37201

There will be signs ‘SHARING’ by the elevator, to direct you.


Walk for Remembrance & Hope, October 2012

“Two little hands that resembled my own, held tightly onto a ribbon of a pink balloon.  Our son anxiously waited for our daughter’s name to be called.  We were not alone.  We were part of a fellowship of families that shared an unwishful reality.  Our babies got an early invitation to leave this world and go on.  As I watched our son’s tight grip on the balloon ribbon, I was reminded of the strong grip of hope that we had for her to survive.  We wanted so much for her to stay with us.  But as her name was called, and our son released the balloon ribbon, I watched the balloon dance in the cold wind as it freely floated.  It was at that very moment, I knew she was not ours.  She was not defined by her passing but is defined by being like that little pink ballon that dances freely, touching the world through us in profound ways.”   

On October 6th, 65 balloons freely floated over Pinkerton Park in Franklin as families gathered to attend the SHARING: Walk for Remembrance & Hope event. This annual event is designed to provide families with an opportunity to be with other families who know and understand loss and together recognize, name, and honor each baby.


 Walk, October 2012Walk, October 2012

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