Aidan’s Poem

Dedication to Aiden

When I heard that you were gone from us I didn’t know what to say

All I could do is get down on my knees and pray 

You wonder why this had to happen and then you start to cry

But it’s not for me to ask the Lord why 

Sometimes things happen and you don’t know what it means

I know I’ll see you again, Aiden, if only in my dreams

We all go through life, and do the best we can

And nobody knows what’s in God’s plan

He not only takes adults, he takes babies too

I guess he needed a baby boy, Aiden, when He came and got you

Life is a marathon; it gets harder mile by mile

But if you think about it, we all are here only for a while 

It hurts right now because I love and I’ll miss you, my baby boy

Because we all know that you would have brought us so much joy

I really wished that you would be alright

So we could kiss you, hug you, and rock you to sleep at night 

You were special and unique in your own way

And I knew that I will see you again one day

I know that you wanted me, mother, and I wanted to be with you

But don’t worry mother, I’m waiting up here in heaven for you 

When we see each other we’ll hug and talk and play, the way that we

were supposed to do

I’ll be happy because I’ll be with you


Dedicated to little Aiden Dominic Horton-Roman

From your Grand Dad,


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