Grief Writing Workshop held throughout the year.


Writing has been very therapeutic for me during times of loss.  Words are able to give names to raw feelings and the spaces in between the words allow for contemplation.  For in contemplation, I’m able to find new words of light and truth.  I find healing.

This workshop is free, and offered to those families that have experienced a loss of a child (less than one year of age).  It will be instructed by Susan Charest, on behalf of SHARING  of Middle Tennessee.

This will be a safe setting where we’ll discuss our grief, and journal on specific writing prompts.  You don’t need to be a poet or writer and we’ll provide the journal and pen.  We simply would love for you to gather with us in community.

Grief Writing Workshops are offered through the year, please refer to our support calendar.  

Registration is needed – please register by sending an email, letting us know how many will attend to:


TriStar Centennial Women’s & Children’s Hospital address:

2221 Murphy Ave, Nashville, TN 37201

There will be signs ‘SHARING’ by the elevator, to direct you.


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