Dance in My Dreams Song to benefit National Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Here is a song :  DANCE IN MY DREAMS  that has been dedicated to all those families that have an angel baby.

“Dance in My Dreams” Lyrics

By:  Blair’s West & Susan Charest


At the hospital, we got the news

We stared at the sonogram of you

Our baby should be safe in me

This isn’t how it suppose to be


God held us, as we held you

You couldn’t stay but you’re not through 

You didn’t leave with death

You’re as close as my next breath


One autumn day in the afternoon

Little hands hold a pink balloon

Their sister’s name is spoken

You’re not defined as broken


I hear your truth in the silent sunrise

I see your beauty in the turning leaves,

I feel your tiny hand in mine 

as we dance in my dreams


You’re the work of God’s wonder

The perfect love, that covers me

Your little head on my shoulder while

we dance in my dreams


Death says good byes and makes its lies

It gives the wrong answer to the question why?

It doesn’t see the beautiful you

But I know what’s true….


My heart carries you with me…

and tonight,

We’ll dance in my dreams….

All proceeds from ITunes will benefit our national organization:                                              National Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss, Inc.

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