Wings of Hope Statue

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What is the goal of this project?
The goal of this project is to secure a sacred space for our Wing of Hope statue so that bereaved families can gather, remember and grieve for children lost to miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death.  This space will be available for use any time by grieving families and be part of annual memorial events.  There is no such space in Middle Tennessee.

How does it benefit the community?
Our community would benefit greatly by having a sacred space specifically for the bereaved who have lost a child; it would be a symbol that he/she is not alone with his/her grieving – that our whole community feels the loss of a child in our community – not knowing what his or her contribution would have been.   Also, some families may not have the financial ability or the opportunity to arrange funerals, burial services, a headstone, or any sacred place to remember their baby.  The Wings of Hope monument would provide these families something tangible.

Sharing of Middle TN is still trying to secure a special place to erect our Wings of Hope Statue.


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