Walk for Remembrance & Hope, October 2012

Walk, October 2012
“Two little hands that resembled my own, held tightly onto a ribbon of a pink balloon.  Our son anxiously waited for our daughter’s name to be called.  We were not alone.  We were part of a fellowship of families that shared an unwishful reality.  Our babies got an early invitation to leave this world and go on.  As I watched our son’s tight grip on the balloon ribbon, I was re...
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Aidan’s Poem

Dedication to Aiden When I heard that you were gone from us I didn’t know what to say All I could do is get down on my knees and pray  You wonder why this had to happen and then you start to cry But it’s not for me to ask the Lord why  Sometimes things happen and you don’t know what it means I know I’ll see you again, Aiden, if only in my dreams We all go through life, a...
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